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A small patch-work family that grew out of their passion for cool styles and casual outfits

developed a hat that brings joy to the whole family.

The little loyal companion and darling of our children, the panda, has become the namesake and trademark of the must-have for parents and their kids - the Petit Panda Cap with the

vegan leather patch and 98% cotton. The accessory for the whole family was born.

Papa Panda has been wearing a cap for a long time and, with the birth of his son, has always been looking for a matching hat that complements every outfit in the partner look Papa-Son.

Panda Mama Nadine supported this exciting project from zero and designed

together with the whole family - Panda Leo, Panda Emma and now also Panda Luano -

new styles for the whole family and bring your photographic skills into play.

In addition to the kids cap, we still have a great alternative for winter -

the Petit Panda Beanie. Take a look around and become part of the Petit Panda family.

We look forward to your feedback and cool styles.

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